rikitiki  v0.1.67
Build C++ web server modules that allow easy routing and deployment.

rikitiki comes packaged with ctemplate support by default, and it is useful as a template engine to separate the presentation layer from the logic layer.

When compiling with ctemplate support, an overloaded operator is provided for ConnContext and ctemplate::TemplateDictionary which will expand that template into the response. The stream operator is equivalent to calling:

ctemplate::ExpandTemplate(temlateDictionary.name(), ctemplate::DO_NOT_STRIP, &td, &ctx.response.response);

For more information on ctemplate, see their website

By default, ctemplates looks for it's template files in the working directory of whichever executable is running. You can change this behavior by having a 'ctemplate_root' setting in your configuration file.

Template Preprocessors

If you want to define things like headers and footers, or include site-wide content such as dynamic menus, you can define template preprocessors that will manipulate a dictionary right before it is expanded into the response. A default preprocessor is provided that expands headers, footers, page headers, and page footers.

Preprocessors are added to the server module with 'Server::AddPreprocessor'. This should be done in the register function for a given module.

Look at the 'advanced' example for an implementation of this feature.

See Also
examples/advanced.h, rikitiki::Server