rikitiki  v0.1.67
Build C++ web server modules that allow easy routing and deployment.
rikitiki::mongoose::MongooseServer Class Reference

#include <server.h>

Inheritance diagram for rikitiki::mongoose::MongooseServer:

Public Member Functions

int Port ()
 MongooseServer (int _port)
void Run ()
void Start ()
void Stop ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from rikitiki::Server
void AddPreprocessor (rikitiki::ctemplates::TemplatePreprocessor *)
bool Handle (ConnContext &ctx)
void AddHandler (Handler &handler)
void AddHandler (Handler *handler)
void AddHandler (handle_t handler)
template<typename T >
void Register (T &t)

Public Attributes

std::string DocumentRoot
- Public Attributes inherited from rikitiki::Server
std::vector< Handler * > handlers
< ctemplates::TemplatePreprocessor * > 

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from rikitiki::Server
typedef bool(* handle_t )(ConnContext &ctx)

Detailed Description

Mongoose wrapper. Contains base server functionality, plus also exposes Start/Stop methods.

Member Function Documentation

void rikitiki::mongoose::MongooseServer::Run ( )
Blocking call to start the mongoose server. Sets up an interrupt handler to stop the server with siginterrupt.

If you have more than one server running, SIGINT shuts them all down.

void rikitiki::mongoose::MongooseServer::Start ( )

Non-blocking call to start the mongoose server.

void rikitiki::mongoose::MongooseServer::Stop ( )

Stop a running server

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